My Story

My Story

A gigantic step forward in my life, from mid-2015, with 4 months of sheer entrepreneurial focus at Babson College, Boston, followed by Fintech Internships at LendingCrowd (P2P Lender) and the RBS Innovation team in London.Since 2008 my priority has been Entrepreneurship - I'm clearly passionate about it. Having built several online businesses - some were successful, some failed, and tried my hand in other areas, I've built up a strong understanding for many aspects of business, as well as lots of resilience.

4 months at Babson College, Massachusetts (consistently no.1 business school in the world for Entrepreneurship), gave me some amazing new insights into running businesses, new approaches to sales and marketing, and Innovation. Additionally, it instilled the American belief system into me, confirming that I can take risks, fail at some projects, BUT learn from them and move on swiftly to try again.

Following Babson (and my experiences of Silicon Valley and Shanghai/ Nanjing), I engaged in a 3 month project at LendingCrowd - a P2P Lender based in Edinburgh - focusing on building their new IFISA (Innovative Finance Individual Savings Account) from zero to an MVP level. June 2016 onwards (for 3 months) I was with the RBS Innovation team, based in London, working in a design thinking cell (Mobile Payments solution), as well as marketing new blockchain innovations and liaising with Fintech startups.

Graduating with a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering with Financial Management in 2001, I moved into Investment Banking in London. During those eight years I held several positions in Front and Middle Office, mainly working with Interest Rates and FX products, before moving into Emerging Markets Sales for Kepler Capital Markets, Switzerland. During my London years, I served on the Committees of (the Interest Rates) Swaps Ball (Treasurer,, 2005-2008) and Institute of Financial Services (London and Home Counties, 2004-2010) - founding the successful "High Flyers" events for the IFS in 2004.

I enjoy going to networking events to meet new people and existing contacts, Toastmasters (ex-President of the International Toastmasters club of Nyon), and enjoy sports and outdoors activities - regular user of the gym, but during the summer, you will find me more often outdoors, whether cycling, walking, bbq-ing or just enjoying the fresh air!

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